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The resources you need before, during, and after an emergency to keep your family safe.


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1) Are you prepared for a Public Safety Power Shutoff?

2) Be ready for an evacuation.

3) Call 811 before you dig.

4) Create your emergency plan today!

5) Don't forget your neighbors.

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6) Download CAL FIRE's Ready for Wildfire App

7) Do you know how to manually open your garage door if the power is out?

8) Do you know what to do before, during and after an earthquake?

9) Emergency planning tips for people who rely on electric or battery dependent medical devices.

10) Find CERT trainings in your area and learn basic disaster response skills.

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11) Find out how to receive important outage alerts.

12) Have you considered a backup power option for your home?

13) Have you hardened your home?

14) Have you mapped out escape routes from your home?

15) Is your home ready to withstand the threat of wildfires?

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16) Is your whole family ready for an emergency?

17) Learn how to create defensible space around your home.

18) Learn how to harden your home to prepare for wildfires.

19) Make sure we can reach you in an emergency.

20) Prepare an emergency kit with these six easy steps.

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21) Quiz: Do you know what to pack in your emergency kit?

22) Remember your pets when making your family's emergency plan.

23) Sign up for county alerts with Nixle

24) Tips to prepare for a power shutoff.

25) Top 10 tips to keep your cool during a heat wave.

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26) Learn what to do if you smell gas.

27) Never touch a downed power line.

28) Visit PG&E’s new Weather Awareness Center.

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